Achieving strong growth

During the year, progress against our strategic objectives included:


Increasing Genetic Control and Product Differentiation

  • Successfully launching Sexcel – our proprietary bovine sexed genetics product – globally, supported by processing facilities in the US and India
  • Significantly strengthening our dairy bull line up through De Novo produced genetics
  • Introducing Icon Sires?, to give customers early access to elite dairy genetics, in return for the option to buy progeny at a pre-set price and breeding rights to any bulls
  • Continuing to evolve NuEra Genetics, our proprietary beef range, by introducing NuEra bulls to our US beef-on-dairy offer and achieving top rankings in BeefAdvantage, EMEA’s beef-on-dairy index

Targeting Key Markets and Segments

  • Harnessing Sexcel to strengthen relationships with dairy farmers across EMEA
  • Enhancing our focus on large dairy accounts, particularly in the US, with whom we partner on both genetic improvement strategy and operational activities
  • Increasing sales of embryos by 20%, as we continue to engage larger customers with the benefits embryos offer as a genetic improvement platform
  • Expanding our range of economic indices for beef, introducing the proprietary XBlack index in Brazil to identify the most profitable genetics for crossbreeding in tropical conditions

Sharing in the Value Delivered

  • Exploring a transition to performance-based pricing, based on helping progressive dairy farmers achieve their genetic improvement goals
  • Using our growing range of indices to align pricing of the most profitable genetics with the value they deliver