Producing superior breeding livestock through genetic improvement


What we do

Genus is a world-leading animal genetics company. We continuously develop better pigs and cows for farmers, by selecting animals with desirable characteristics that help them to produce higher quality meat and milk more sustainably.


How we do it

Investing to strengthen our position

We analyse animals’ DNA and look for markers that are linked to desirable characteristics. We then select animals with the strongest genetic profile and breed them to produce even better offspring, always seeking to continuously improve. WE distribute these genetically superior animals to our global customers in the form of breeding animals, semen or embryos. We also own technology that enables us to screen and process semen for desirable traits, such as gender, and license-in technology to make precise, unique gene edits to animals’ DNA, which we are employing in our product development programmes.

17.9p Final dividend per share
26.0p Total dividend for the year (per share)
10% Total dividend increase